In this Episode we’re creating and trying out some really disgusting sound drinks 🙂 We’ve got Garlic Martini (garlic courtesy of Island Garlic), Gin and Milk and Pickle Back! We didn’t agree on what’s yummy and what’s not – but have a watch and you decide 🙂

Happy Anniversary Trish and Brent!! (Big 33! – right?) Watch here on Facebook:

Desperado (Garlic Martini)
This is from our Gross Sounding Drinks episode but I have to say – it's absolutely delicious! If you love garlic – you're gonna love this martini. The smoke salt/pepper rim just makes it so yummy!
Check out this recipe
Gin and Milk
This is from our Gross Sounding Drinks episode. I (Sue) am not a fan but John loves it. (Some of us would add chocolate syrup to this … because THAT would be good especially with the nutmeg!)
Check out this recipe
Pickle Back
This is an interesting super easy drink to make. The Irish Whiskey with the pickle juice = magic. I'm not usually a fan of whiskey but this is super yummy.
Check out this recipe



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