Well what better than to honour St. Patrick’s Day with some delicious Guinness, Irish Cream and […]
In honour of my pal Rosemary, we’re mixing some delicious cocktails that I know she’d love […]
Note that we did the Spicy Pineapple Margarita in two versions – one with tequila infused […]
We tested our Tanquary Malacca and Tanqueray Canada Gins in a Tom Collins and in a Aviation Cocktail […]
In honour of Family Day we took a drive to Campbell River to be with my […]
John picked the drinks. They’re all potty mouth versions so I included hints on names … […]
John’s dad would have been 112 today!! We’re honouring him with some delicious cocktails we think […]
Tons of birthdays this month! This episode we feature drinks for my Dad’s 85th birthday. Watch […]
It was John’s birthday – so we lived it up in style! I’ve picked out these […]
John made these tasty treats tonight in memory of Betty! Betty White… she would have been […]
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