We decided to switch it up a notch and pull out some great recipes from Amy Stewart’s The Drunken Botanist book. So colourful and delicous – unique recipes that you’ll love.

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Douglas Fir Expedition
This unique and tasty drink comes to us from the The Drunken Botanist book by Amy Stewart. It’s colourful and fun – you’ll love it!
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The Mamani Gin & Tonic
This awesome drink comes to us from the The Drunken Botanistbook by Amy Stewart. Really great refreshing taste – like a salad. I would have this as a pre-dinner drink  – you’ll loveit!
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Ramos Gin Fizz
This delicious drink is light, fizzy, frothy and amazing! This drink is also from The Drunken Botanist. It’ll take a while to shake shake shake – the more you shake it, the fizzier it willbe! Enjoy!
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